Thousands of second hand Vauxhall owners could be affected by legal action

THOUSANDS of Vauxhall owners who purchased their cars second hand may also be affected by a new legal action against the firm.

Millberg London, who are responsible for the new Vauxhall Pay Up campaign, claimed second-hand owners “may be eligible for compensation” if the claim is successful. The lawyers claimed losses “may be lower” than new car owners but this does not mean something could be offered.

They said: “Drivers who bought a second-hand car from a registered Vauxhall dealership may be eligible for compensation too.”

If in doubt, check it out on our website. Their losses may be lower than motorists who paid more for a new car.

The legal action claims defeat devices were installed on over 600,000 Vauxhall models which changed the car’s overall vehicle emissions.

These cheat a car’s emissions in the testing phase to give a lower pollution reading than is possible when on the road.

The campaign claims drivers have therefore been mis-sold cars which they believed to have lower emissions ratings. 

Lawyers said this theoretically means cars were worth less than what owners had initially paid for it when they purchased their car.

Vauxhall Pay Up claims owners of some of the firm’s most popular models could be affected by the issue.

Popular cars such as the Astra, Corsa, Insignia and Zafira are listed on their site as vehicles, which may be affected by the action.

Lawyers said those who purchased, financed or leased a Diesel Vauxhall between 2009 and 2019 were likely eligible to join the group action.

Edward Cardington, Partner at Milberg London LLP said Vauxhall “did not provide the performance drivers paid for”

He said: “The Vauxhall Pay Up campaign has set out to prove that Vauxhall cheated both the emissions tests and hardworking British drivers.

“Motorists were promised a combination of low environmental impact and high driving performance that appears to have been impossible in real driving conditions.

“Put simply, clean Diesel looks like a myth and Vauxhall’s cars did not provide the performance drivers paid for.”

Vauxhall Pay Up said it costs drivers “absolutely nothing to take part in the group litigation against the company.

However, if the case is successful, each driver could be owed “thousands of pounds” in compensation.

The overall amount will depend on a range of factors such as how much a driver initially paid for their car and how much damage the Court believes has been inflicted.

However, under consumer protection law drivers could receive between 25 and 75 percent of the price of their car.

However, Vauxhall has completely rejected the allegations and was not aware of any claims being made against them.

The iconic manufacturer said their cars “meet the applicable regulations” and denied using illegal devices in their cars.

A statement from the firm said: “Vauxhall Motors is not aware of any such claim and rejects any accusation of using illegal defeat devices.

“Our vehicles meet the applicable regulations.”

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