Vauxhall owners will ‘not be charged a penny’ in legal action case says lawyer

VAUXHALL owners have been told they “won’t be charged a penny” as a result of legal action against the manufacturer. Millberg London has reassured drivers they will “indemnify claimants against the risk of adverse costs” if the legal action order is unsuccessful. They warn this would “minimise personal liability” for claimants who join the group […]

Thousands of second hand Vauxhall owners could be affected by legal action

THOUSANDS of Vauxhall owners who purchased their cars second hand may also be affected by a new legal action against the firm. Millberg London, who are responsible for the new Vauxhall Pay Up campaign, claimed second-hand owners “may be eligible for compensation” if the claim is successful. The lawyers claimed losses “may be lower” than […]

Vauxhall owners could be affected as new legal action launched against firm

MORE than one million Vauxhall owners in the UK could may be affected by a new legal action started after fears the popular car brand installed emissions cheat devices on their cars. A new legal action has been launched claiming the defeat devices were installed on over 600,000 Vauxhall models. The Vauxhall Pay Up campaign […]